Monday, September 28, 2009

I have discovered something about myself

I really, genuinely, honestly don't care about almost anything to rant at length about it.

No, really.

I love my family, my job, my life. I love my dogs, my Ls, me. I love my friends, my place in the universe, and the fact that I'm alive.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

This whole dentist thing is a special kind of hell

No, really.



I'm off the hook now until November. Then there's appointments in November, 2 in December, 2 in January and then I'd better damn well be done.



Damn it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Man, I'm glad for the cooler weather, but the cool's making my joints a little grumpy. I'm thinking, if I get enough done, I'll go get a nap.

I've been writing a lot, but all of it is more horror than romance. Must be that time of the year.

Exercise: 45 minutes weight training, 45 minutes walking
Craft: Not today, but if I can, I need to knit

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jogging in the Rain... Or Being Somewhere I Never Thought I'd Be

So, I'm heading toward 40; not there yet, but heading. Since August 1, 2008, my life has changed a ton and it keeps on changing, everyday.

Last week, Lorna and I started running. We'd been training for a 5K at the gym all summer, then my dental surgery went bad and we missed the race. So, we decided to do road training - man, is it different! I don't love it, but we're doing it, if for no other reason than to help build bone strength.

Today I woke up, the cold front had come down and it was raining. Man, I wanted to stay in bed, Lorna wanted to stay in bed, the bassets were voting bed. But we got up.

We got dressed.

Shoes on.

iPod on.

Hat on.

Off we went.

No one fell. No one died. It was easier today than it was last week.


I jogged.

In the rain.

On purpose without a man with a chainsaw chasing me.

Weird, huh?

Exercise: 45 minute walk with dogs, then see above
Craft: *snort* Too busy today

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fun and a little scariness last night

We had friends over for dinner and football last night. They brought their 3 month old and I got to play Auntie Pooh. Miss J has the most beautiful eyes ever.

During the game, Lily and Sadie had a snarl, and Sadie ended up at the Emergency Vets with a cut eyelid. Gross and bloody, but nothing permanent.

The game was good, even if Tony Romo sucked rocks. I don't mind losing if it's a good game. Unless it's the Longhorns.

Then I mind losing.

Still - burgers and friends, babies and laughter. All in all a win.

Exercise today: 45 minute walk, 6 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes weight training (arms), 50 reverse crunches, 20 minutes hill on the bike, level 6
Craft today: busy as I am, I'm betting none, but I'd like to knit.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Man, the dogs had me up at the crack of dawn

I did manage to get one story finished and turned in, making two stories finished this week. I dealt with emails, walked the dogs, did the gym, errands, grocery shopping, lunch, coffee.

Man. ;-)

Now I have to sit down and focus on work, plan the meal for Sunday's little football watching party, and get the house cleaned.


Exercise today: 45 min walk with dogs, 30 minutes circuit training with the legs and 20 minutes hill training with the bike
Art/Craft today: Hrm... I don't know. I think I'll knit on Barbara's scarf

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I got new books in the mail!

3 horror anthologies that look edgy and new and scary.

I do love a good scary short story and I just fell in love with the blurbs and titles: Abominations, Beneath the Surface, and Vile Things.

I love the word vile.

Also, Lorna and I took the bassets to the Petsmart and the Starbucks for the first time. They did very well - no barking, no jumping, no stealing toys off the rack. On the way out to the car, we met a lady that has a dog from Sonny's momma! Too cool. Basset solidarity!

Exercise today: Jogging/speed walking for 31 minutes, walking the dogs for 45 minutes.
Craft/art today: ATCs. I have to. Have to. *chuckles*

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Sonny-Man

I admit, straight-up, to missing Goober every day. Every single day.

However, my Sonny-Man? He is a dogaloo of joy. He sleeps with me now and he's potty trained. He loves his snuggles and his pepperoni and his walks. Mostly he loves his friend, Sadie.

He can be a turd, but he makes me smile every day and he's the bassetiest basset in the history of bassets.

Except that he has recall.

Exercise today: Full body free weights, crunches, 30 minute walk
Craft today: Hrm. I think I'll make ATCs

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new things today

Well, today I started jogging - Velma will be so proud. I did okay. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it, so that's a plus.

Why did I start jogging? Mostly because I want to strengthen my bones and bicycling/walking doesn't do it. Also, I need something to do until my yoga classes start back up in October.

I did go into Kohls to buy a new pair of running shoes today and came out with two sweaters and a shirt on clearance ($4 each on the sweaters, yay). The best news there is that I discovered that I can't shop in the plus sized section of the store. *grins*

Today's exercise: 35 minutes interval training/jogging, 30 minute walk, 300 crunches
Today's craft/art: Probably cleaning/organizing the craft room. I did finish a dish cloth last night.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Finally feeling like myself.


Not much to say - I'm working, catching up. Making cards and postcards and dish cloths.

Enjoying the rain.

Exercise today: 45 minute walk, 6 minutes on the elliptical, 30 minutes upper body weights, 20 minutes on the bike
Crafting today: knitting dishcloths with bats on them. :D

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Long Day

Repotted plants. Showered. Been thinking about family all day.

I keep thinking about twenty years ago, how scared I was, how tired. How I swore I'd do my best.

I did. It wasn't good enough, but I tried. I admit that I feel like I've been living a very long-term lie and now I'm sort of ashamed of myself for believing in it for so long.

Exercise today: 30 minute walk, 1 hour and 45 minutes hard-core gardening, will take another 1/2 hour walk this evening, weather-willing.
Craft today: If I get a chance, I'll knit on halloween dishcloths. I finished one postcard late last night and did the first layers on one more. Prepared one ATC.

Monday, September 7, 2009

New blog, new autumn, new new new

This is where I'll be rambling. It's my little place to share projects, have long thoughts (as opposed to Facebook updates ), and to, well, journal about writing, publishing, being an artsy tool, playing fantasy football, and raising hound dogs.

Today we bought pots for the agave (I know, dreadfully exciting), and got three more cacti (although, I have to tell you, I really think cactuses is a nicer-sounding word) for the front yard, which is in the process of being xeriscaped. (That's what we call 'all the grass has died, but we haven't put down the railroad ties and lava rock yet' phase.) Then we headed for the craft store - found a couple of odds and ends for ATCs, which I've decided I'm going to get back into. I did so enjoy making them years ago, and some scrapbooking stuff for Miss L. The miniatures were a bust, though. We have a couple of ideas for single roomboxes and then I'd like to do some themed hutches for holiday gifts.

We'll see how that goes, hmm?

Exercise for today: 45 minute walk, 30 minutes of raking, another 15 minute walk.
Art/Craft planned for today: Probably none. I need to catch up and clean.